Fashions on Flexi-Fashion large bust

Brenda Starr Fashion--Fits well


Angelina Fashion Fever gown--a little loose in the bust, but fits length



Opera Gala, much to short



Tyler fashion--forget the name.  Fits well, a little underboob peek that can be covered with some fussing.   Shorts fit wonderfully, waist hits her waist joint spot on.

Capri's I got on even with the molded shoes (with no trouble), belt fits too.

This is to show length of sleeve on her.  I'm lazy and didn't feel like taking that thumb hand off...I really did look into it, LOL!  But as you can see sleeves are ok if they are longer on Tyler.


This boutique dress is too big around at the back/bustline


Too large at back and bust


This came on Daphne (also in black) and fits well.


Independent designers

Lyanne in NZ, a little large around the back/bust but looks ok.  Skirt fits but she can't move her legs, LOL!


Superdoll bustier, fits perfect at bust, can't do last snap on bottom


Joyce W. top, halter straps are a little loose but otherwise ok.


Empire clothing, bustier laces up the back so is a perfect fit.  Undertop is stretchy and fits well.

Empire halter also fits well


Shoes for CED by S-n-E, fit wonderful--better than the shoes she came with.  Also shoes for Ellowyne Wilde may fit as well.


I changed her eyes to 12mm gumdrops in Mossy Pearl.  I tried some darker gumdrops eyes and they looked large again.  I think these only work because they are light.  Still looking for the perfect eye.....

Please ignore that both her eyelashes are coming off.  They are coming off anyway...horrid color!


Comparison to Unoa



Domuya Flexi Fashion doll  (full set dolls)


Venus head

as you can see with this top she needs the smaller bust (which I just haven't changed yet)



she has actual shoes that come off (the flat feet are also bare)


Body shots (heavy nudity)

the bare high heeled foot


You can see the thigh 'joint' in these next two photos.  I turned the thigh on the left outward so you could see how it looks when manipulated.  You can turn it all the way around 360 degrees.  She also has the double elbow joint.

lovely legs!

waist and torso joints...nice hand sculpting! (even with that crazy thumb, it fits her waist perfectly.  Her face as well.)




one pair of the molded shoe foot.  These are much easier to pose.  I'm thinking of ordering a few of the foot with the one band slide and just painting one black, silver or pearl, and gold.




Knee joint from the back.  You can see where the first stop is on the knee (that allows her to sit with her knees bent at 90 degrees).

the next stop allows her to kneel.  This newer version isn't as obvious as on their big flexible BJD's and doesn't come with the cover for them.  I think Fin has a body very similar to this one from what I can see of her pictures on the site. I'm totally sold on Fin and will be getting one before the sale is over.