Don't know what doll to get for that special someone?  No problem!  Give them a gift certificate and let them choose! 

Gift certificates come in any dollar amount.  They can be used on auctions, salesroom sales, or for commission work.  You may use multiple certificates  to pay for an item.   Example:  You receive a gift of $75 and you had already bought one for $100 ( to save for that rainy day).  You may use them in conjunction to pay for any item. 

Method of payment : Paypal, US check or money order.  If you are ordering a certificate as a gift please let me know where to send it.  I'll send one as soon as payment is made. 

To redeem : Send the certificate to me as you would a check or money order.  The amount on the gift certificate will be deducted from the total.  If the amount of the certificate is more than the total, I will send another certificate back to you that equals the difference. 

Note: Two gift certificates will be made, one going to the buyer (or buyers choice) and one will kept on file in my office.


Order a Gift Certificate from Bella Repaints