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2005 Enhancement Book is closed until further notice. 

I cannot put your name on a waiting list because that is about 9 months long right now.  I will continue to offer dolls on e-bay and in my salesroom.  Please join my mailing list to be notified of available dolls.


Eyebrows    $15 (replace brows-$25.00)

Change eye color     $40.00  will include changing of eye color or enhancement of original color and enhancement of whites.  Will also include enhancement of liner and lower lashes if needed. 

Enhance factory eye    $20 Adding highlights to the original eyes, touch up whites.

Eye shadow/eyeliner    $20.00  includes enhancement of painted lashes (if original eye shadow needs to be removed to achieve the look you want add $5.00)

Eyeliner/Mascara only   $15  upper and lower lids plus painted eyelashes

Lip color    $25.00 will include enhancement of original color or change of color and shading.


Addition of professional lashes    Sydney dolls only, $15.00.  If you want the original painted lashes covered over the total is $25.  I will not add lashes to Tyler because she doesn't have enough of an eye ridge for protection of the new lashes. 

Additional facial shading    Please e-mail

Addition of highlights or lowlights   

Addition of high and lowlights added to just the front $20

Addition of high/lowlighting to the entire part $60

Anything else please enquire

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